Riga is the capital of Latvia, and with its 1.1 million inhabitants it is among the biggest cities in Northern Europe. Riga is renown for its splendid architecture, mostly concentrated in the Old Town, but on the whole Riga offers many unique sights and activities for different tastes.

Here is what Kar─źna Orlova, the director of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, has to say:

''Dear guests,
Welcome to my beloved hometown - Riga!
Here you can enjoy places where the past and future meet, creating a unique vibe of the city, influenced by so many over last 800 years.
Take a walk along the medieval streets of Old Riga, discover hidden gems of museums or dive in the diverse cultural program the city offers. Have a taste of the local cuisine in various markets or a sophisticated meal in a modern restaurant in Riga Centre. Feel the touch of nature of the greenest parks in the very centre of our beautiful city.
Discover what Riga means to you and enjoy your stay!''

For more information check out www.liveriga.com